The Organic Pesticide from Hell

Is sulfur really the organic pesticide from hell? In this episode of POPagriculture, Steve questions if the benefits of sulfur in agriculture outweigh some of the downsides and sheds a light on why natural isn’t always nice.

Bonus Episode: The ABCs of IPM

On today’s special bonus episode of POPagriculture, Steve discusses the basics of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a growing strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests through a mixture of techniques like biological control, habitat manipulation and use of resistant varieties. Listen to learn the ABCs of IPM!

Why are there Crop Pests? (Part Two)

On the latest episode of POPagriculture, Steve continues to explore why there are crop pests and questions if our farming methods have thrown nature out of balance, exacerbating agriculture’s pest problems.

Should Plants Get to Go Wild?

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Steve Savage is back for POPagriculture’s second season and kicks it off with a discussion about genetic diversity and how humans alter crops from their wild states to create something edible and sustainable.

Steve’s Story

In the POPagriculture season one finale, hear how Steve became involved with plant biology and agriculture. Spoiler: it’s not your typical agriculture tale!

What Does Organic Actually Mean?

Organic: it may not mean what you think it means! In this episode of POPagriculture, Steve explores how crops are grown according to organic standards, what that means for pesticide use and, while it may sound inconceivable, how this relates to the movie, The Princess Bride!

Why Wheat Is Like Wine

In this week’s episode of POPagriculture, Steve muses that “wheat is like wine,” claiming the crop has its own terroir, similar to wine. So sit down, pour yourself your favorite glass of vino and discover how wheat shares more characteristics with wine than previously thought!

An Interview with Alan Bjerga

In this week’s episode, Steve talks with Alan Bjerga, agricultural reporter at Bloomberg News. Steve and Alan discuss the changing landscape of American agriculture, and Alan provides his perspective on the state of agriculture news reporting in the U.S.

An Apple a Day

In this episode, Steve discusses how fruits and vegetables are kept fresh after they’re harvested to ensure reliable access to healthy produce and reduce food loss.